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Kerlin Walsh Law

Join Our Client Family!
Kerlin Walsh Law provides quality legal services for Estate Planning:

Living Trusts
Last Wills & Testament
Powers of Attorney for Property
Powers of Attorney for Healthcare
Living Wills


Eileen Walsh
Live Out Loud

We are committed to creating and building YOUR wealth through changing the conversation about money.   Lead by the ever-enchanting Loral Langemeier, Live Out Loud entails a program, mindset, community and specific steps to guide you as you start where you are today and move your energy in the direction of Wealth!

Loral Langemeier
Absolute Certainty
Laurie Polinski
Ageless Grace
Peggy Kinst
Aidas Kitchen A La Criolla
Aida Lugo Lugo McAllister
Avalon Springs
Laura Certa
Be Online Inc.

Need Help With Your Basic Internet Presence?
We can help you get your business mojo going on the internet!
We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the thought of investing in a website or additional internet marketing options. It is our mission to make your Basic Internet Presence Plan (BIPPlan) experience surprisingly easy for you to get your company online with a basic internet presence and allow you to spend your time and attention on other business details.

If you already have a website, we can take a look at it for a reasonable price to alert you to any glaring technical, SEO, and/or local presence potential issues. If your website is three years or older, there is a good chance it is a bit out of date for the Google Search algorithm (what determines where you show up when a potential client searches your product/industry).

A portion of your overall Marketing Plan needs to acknowledge the ever-growing trend of potential customers using the internet to find help. Capitalize on the internet’s “Word of Mouth” to help your company be found. That plan can range from a one-page website asking users to pick up the phone and call you to a large site with all kinds of bells and whistles.

Go to our website to schedule your FREE consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

Tracee Loftus
Bear Home Improvements
Andrea Zeller
Becca Tebon FIT

Elite Health & Fitness Speaker, Coach & Trainer (est. 1983)

Business Development
Cindy Bertram