(ARA) – With family schedules full to the brim, it can often be challenging to find quality time to spend together. One way to create a night of fun without distractions is by planning a family game night. Parenting expert and Family Adventure Mom, Deb Geigis Berry, offers tips for sharing sweet moments of family fun during game night:
  *Schedule a date and time – The best time to play is after dinner. If it’s a school or work night, agree that homework and assignments will be finished so you can focus on the fun.
*Build excitement with lunchbox invitations – Turn game night into a special event by making an invitation for each family member. Simply fold a piece of paper into a card and write “Are you game?” on the cover along with the date and time of your game night inside. Place the note into lunchboxes for kids to discover.
  *Sweeten Family Game Night – You can substitute playing pieces in games like Hasbro’s SORRY! with different Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates. Players can choose from chocolates in silver, gold, orange, purple, striped or polka-dotted foils. The iconic candy also makes the perfect treat when the game is over at the end of the night.
  *Pick a game that’s new to your family – It may be the next family favorite! Be sure to designate one person as “Game Captain.” That person will review the rules prior to game play and present them to each of the players at the start of the night.
  *Create a comfortable atmosphere and eliminate distractions – Why not play in your pajamas? Feeling comfortable boosts the enjoyment factor. Also be sure to turn off cell phones, televisions and other distracting devices during the event.
  *Present a door prize – When players eat a Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate, have them roll up the wrapper into a ball and place it in a small clear jar or vase. At the end of the evening, have everyone guess the number of foil balls in the jar. After the official count, award the winner (closest to the correct answer) with a prize.
  “Family game night is a fun and interactive way to encourage your kids to turn off the television and spend quality time together as a family,” says Berry. “Everyone loves Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates and incorporating the iconic candies is a simple way to help make your family’s time together even more special and memorable.”
For more game night ideas, visit www.kissesfamilygamenight.com.
Caption: Family and parenting expert Deb Geigis Berry, founder of FamilyAdventureMom.com plays Sorry! with her husband Bryan Berry, left, son Hudson, 9, and daughter Cady.

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