(Family Features) When family and friends are coming to visit, providing them a comfortable setting to relax and feel at home is essential for an enjoyable stay.

While many people have additional space in their homes for guests, these rooms may need some extra attention before the visitors arrive. Start by checking the condition and cleanliness of the guest room. Many of these rooms become an extra storage bin for last season’s clothes and other random household items.

With a little organization and upkeep, it’s easy to create a welcoming and comfortable space suitable for any out-of-towner. Here are a few simple tips to make guests feel comfortable in your home:

Think “Hotel” – Be sure to tidy up the room before your visitors arrive. Remove any clutter and clear out space for them to put their belongings. The more space they have, the more relaxed your guests will be.

Gift Basket – Place travel-size toiletry items such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, razors, shaving cream and toothpaste in a gift basket for use.

Quality Linens – Invest in high-quality bed sheets and linens for the guest room bed. Make sure that the bed is properly outfitted with extra blankets if it’s cold, and extra pillows for added comfort and support.

Guest Storage – Clear off a table, chest or bench for guests to set their suitcase. Carve out space in the closet, along with some empty hangers, for guests to keep their wardrobe from becoming wrinkled. Also, make sure to empty some of the room’s dresser drawers for them to tuck away folded clothing.

Daily Essentials – Make sure your guest room is properly equipped with items you use on a daily basis, such as a trash can, a full-length mirror, an alarm clock and working lamps.

Comfortable Seating – Besides the bed, make sure there is a comfortable chair or sofa where your guests can read, relax and lounge during their stay. Throw pillows can brighten up or update the room and a stack of your favorite books will offer added entertainment.

Finishing Touches – Fill a vase with freshly cut flowers and place a mint on the pillow. These thoughtful touches will show your guests how much you care.

Open Kitchen Policy – Make sure to tell guests that they can help themselves to anything in your home – including food and beverages. In the morning, have coffee brewed with an empty mug, creamer and sugar ready. They’ll be so happy they don’t have to ask.

Remember, when preparing for out-of-town visitors, keeping your guests as comfortable as possible is the main objective. Just follow these simple steps and your guests will be happy they stayed at your special retreat.



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