(Family Features) When selling a home, the process of an inspection can be a stressful situation. Even the smallest of faults can shed an unfavorable light upon your home. But there are a few simple ways to be prepared for the big assessment.

Here are some tips to get your home ready for this important part of the selling process:

Preparation Tips for You:

  • Be sure to vacate the premises at least an hour before the inspection begins and plan to be gone for at least three hours.
  • Keep pets and children out of the home for the duration of the inspection.
  • Place any keys, garage door opener and other related items in an easy-to-locate area, such as the kitchen counter. Make sure these items are properly marked.
  • Keep receipts for home repairs, maintenance and upgrades in the same area.
  • Leave a note with instructions on how to find any hard-to-locate features to your property, such as a septic system or entry to a crawlspace.

Tips for Your Home:

  • Show that you are a caring homeowner and tidy up your home. A messy home may give the impression that regular maintenance is neglected.
  • Don’t try to hide any defects. Inspectors will see these immediately and wonder what other imperfections you are trying to conceal. Be honest and leave a sticky note on the blunder that states you are aware of the issue and how you intend to fix it.
  • The inspector will want to test your appliances, so make sure the washer, dryer and dishwasher are all empty.
  • Test all exterior and interior light fixtures to ensure they’re in working order. Replace bulbs if needed.
  • Check that all window screens are intact and replace any that are damaged.
  • Make sure there is a minimum of one smoke detector for each floor. These should be placed in hallways outside of bedrooms.
  • Remove any items that may be in the way of the inspector, especially in places that aren’t often accessed, such as the attic or basement.
  • Review the route to outdoor faucets and electrical outlets to make sure they are easily accessible.
  • Clean out debris from gutters.
  • Check all hardware, including handrails and doorknobs, to make sure they are tightly secured.



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