Pam Shakes Off 40 Pounds
By: Christine Neal
Pamb4and afterMOTOAs Pam Bates’ grandchildren got older, she found herself winded trying to keep up with them.
“That is no way to live,” she told our reporters.
“I want to be able to keep up with these kids, play with them at the playground and run after them.” She wasn’t able to do that at size 20.
One day a friend of hers invited her to take a 90 day challenge withher. Two shakes a day, and a colorful meal. Having tried many other plans in the past that included everything from micro-planning meals, counting every calorie or keeping point scores daily, Pam thought she would give the Body By Vi 90-day challenge a try. “It, (the plan) was easy enough for me to wrap my head around” she says laughing. “This will fit with my busy
“The first 40 pounds just melted off!” Pam explains. “I don’t have to even think about this, it’s so easy.” Pam always hated grocery shopping and now just pops in to go for a quick trip around the perimeter of the store, getting some fresh veggies and fruit, some meat for grilling, and a few of her new staples, Peanut Butter, Frozen Fruit and Almond Milk. She purchases the no-sugar added, 35 calories a serving Vanilla Almond Milk for daily use and splurges on the Chocolate Almond Milk to get her though cravings and to make her favorite, Almond Joy shake that she sometimes will have for dessert.  Pam has worked as an office manager at a Dental practice for a number of years. Working full time and coming home after work used to be more than enough activity for her. “I’d come home, start
dinner, and start grazing,” she stated, “After dinner, we would sit in front of the TV, continuing to snack on whatever we had”.
Now that she is used to having two shakes a day and a smaller, healthier plate for dinner, she no longer craves eating big meals and chooses to have meatless meals a few nights a week, or just a bowl of soup.  When she dines out, she always splits a meal. She has a few co-workers on the program with her and keeps a blender at work. This allows her time to run errands at her lunch break or just relax for an hour.  Helping others get involved with Body By Vi keeps her busy too.  She has helped over 30 others get healthy and loose weight by holding “Challenge Parties” for friends. When her friends and customers helped others, her group has grown. “My sister is on the program and has a lot less pain with her Roumitiod Arthritis,” Pam said, “and one diabetic friend, lost weight and no longer needs to take her medication”, she added. You should always check with your doctor before starting a program and never stop taking medication without your doctor’s approval.’

“Between phone calls and Challenge Parties, there isn’t time to sit around anymore”, Pam told us. On the nights that she doesn’t have parties, she goes to the local Y to participate in a dance exercise class she loves. “Having people that are in the class with you, helps keep you accountable” she says. “You feel like you have to go”, she added.So what is the key to her success?  She told us, “Setting a 90 day
goal and sticking with it really helped me.  Commit to the Challenge, challenge yourself. I decided this is easy, this is good for me, and I am going to keep going”. And she has kept at it, now a size 16, she is feeling more energetic and healthy. “It amazes me how much people will spend on medication and health care, if only they would invest in something like this to loose weight and become healthier.” We couldn’t agree more.

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