Invest in Your Health for the New Year!!
After a busy season of hustle and bustle, many of us found ourselves over indulging too
often over the past few months, getting sick, feeling tired and/or run down. Sound
familiar? We spent money on holiday gifts and fancy foods, but how much do you invest
in your health? Most of us don’t think twice about buying that latte, or eating those
decadent pastries, candy and oh so many cookies. In addition, more alcohol is consumed
during the holiday season as well. Where does it all go??….yep, to those fat cells.
After the holiday binge, your liver and kidneys are working overtime trying to detox your
blood. Toxins come by air, by the products we put on our body and mostly by poor food
choices and diets. But if these organs work like a vacuum cleaner picking up the stuff we
don’t want, how do they get cleaned? When a vacuum cleaner gets full, it doesn’t
perform as well to clean your floors…hence the need to empty out the container. Same
principle happens to our organs. They too need to be cleaned out so you can function
better. Overloaded liver, kidneys and bowels can lead to weight gain, sluggishness, brain
fog, constipation, skin issues and a host of other illnesses.
So while all these holiday goodies may have tasted great, they provided little nutritional
value, therefore making it difficult for the body’s organs and systems to function and
perform their best. Simply put, all the sugar, fat and processed food make your organs
work much harder than before. So what can we do for our bodies to make them function
more efficiently so we can feel better? Detox. This simple concept of detoxification
achieves the following health aspects:
• Improves immune function
• Scavenge free radicals and eliminate toxins
• Strengthens the body’s fight against cancer cells and generate healthy cells
• Cleanse mucous, congestion, fermentation, & inflammation in our digestive tract
• Purifies the blood
• Reforms our lifestyle addictions for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol,
junk foods, nicotine, etc.
Detoxification provides a strong healing process for our body which helps to strengthen
it. Since childhood, we have been accumulating toxins which results in our body being
congested, inflamed, and damaged. Once detoxified, the body can then focus on doing
the more important things like fighting back cancer and chronic degenerative diseases,
restoring our health, and repairing the damage in our body.
The author, Karen MacNab, has been a Wellness Consultant for 16 years. She continues
to research and utilize many health/detox programs and products for her clients. For
more information on detoxing and wellness products, please check out her website at

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