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Gail is a dedicated wellness coach and mentor who has helped many fabulous women become more successful over the past 20 years by empowering them to take their message to the stage and speak.

Gail was looking for ways to expand her business with Shaklee.  Having a vast knowledge of wellness products, she knew she could help a lot of people by arranging speaking engagements for herself in front of business groups like the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as Community Groups like AARP. Once she gained success in speaking, she developed a passion for helping others “speak their way to more business.” By founding Engaging Speakers. Through this organization, she can offer a wealth of resources to anyone who wants to grow themselves professionally.

Networking is a very powerful tool, but it takes much more than attending a few meet and greets to make an impression. If you want to become an industry leader, you need to get in front of people. Engaging Speakers helps women get over their fears of public speaking and plant the seeds they need to grow their businesses. As their business grows, their confidence grows.

Gail Brown founded Engaging Speakers to help women promote their businesses across multiple channels. Many women see themselves as a diamond in the rough, lacking clarity of the confidence they need to stand out. By attending meetings and hearing other professionals speak, eventually, members gain confidence and get a presentation together and present it to the group. Their peers help to make constructive suggestions for improvement and offer support. If you are looking for an organization that can help to guide your business growth and you want to help others, Engaging Speakers is for you.

The Engaging Speakers Message

Engaging Speakers is designed to help connect people who are passionate about their industry. It is much more than a typical networking group. Instead of looking for people who want to make connections, they look for collaborators. This key difference makes the group far more productive and allows the members to focus more on personal development and joint ventures to get them where they truly want to be.

Public speaking is a great way to educate your target audience and promote your services. You’ll make great connections within your industry while positioning yourself as an expert. Whether you are publicly speaking or seeking a seasoned professional for your next event, Engaging Speakers has the resources you need.

See more about Gail’s business Engaging Speakers here.  Go here for Gail’s company contact information.

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