By: Theresa Neal
  We’ve all heard stories about extreme savings. Getting all of your groceries free with coupons or never paying for luxuries like cable is a dream come true for most people. Unfortunatly, these extreme savings only come from hours of hard work, and time is money. In many cases, applying the effort towards a job would be a greater return on investment. There are several money saving tips and secrets that only cost a few minutes of time. With very minimal effort, you can save money without having to go extreme.
Clipping Coupons
Many people think the only way to make coupons work for you is to spend several hours clipping and scouting for unbeatable supermarket deals. The extreme couponer also has enormous stock piles of health care items and canned goods because they “have to” get them when they are on sale. For people who are busy or don’t have a lot of space, this is not a practical way to save money.
A great alternative is to use a coupon clipping service that clips coupons for you. While free coupons are ideal, scouting for them takes time and effort. With a clipping service such as CouponsClippedCheap.com, you simply select the coupons you want mailed to you. Services will typically charge under ten cents a coupon, so the savings are still there if you select products you are going to use and remember to pick them up. Try making your list for your regular grocery store and then browsing a coupon website for useful coupons on things you know you will be buying.
Streaming Videos
While the Internet may seem complicated to many, streaming videos is actually a very simple concept. Instead of waiting for a show to come on TV, log on to a steaming site like HULU and select the show you’d like to watch. Unlike live TV, the show can be paused, rewound and watched “on demand.” Cable television is a huge household expense, whereas HULU is $8 a month and has many of the same shows that you’d see on TV. Best of all, HULU has an excellent referal program and trial period, so you may be able to get the service for free with minimal effort. For more details  www.hulu.com/r/ORG3SA

When You Can, Get It FREE
  Nothing beats a free item. Even small samples can help you save a bit of money here and there.
  With the power of the Internet, there are plenty of ways to score free samples, win items or just get free stuff through safe websites. In fact, most of the websites are the company pages themselves!
  The easiest way to get free samples is through websites such as FreeFlys.com and FreeStuffHut.com. Both sites update fairly frequently, and apart from your first visit, may only take you five minutes a day to glance at. If you see an offer you’d like to try, the website will link you to the company page where you can request your sample or product. The sites have a little bit of everything from pet supplies to health and beauty products.
  To save yourself time, use an Internet browser like Google Chrome. Chrome saves your form data so that you do not have to keep typing in your name, address and email. This makes requesting freebees much quicker.
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