Mary Ziola-Vega had spent over 20 years being a salesperson for a fortune 500 company where she was given goals and quotas to make, it was all dictated to her. After years of being told what to do, Mary decided it was time to take her sales skills and set some goals of her own. And now, at Fabulous Over 50, she is helping other women do the same.

Mary was first drawn to the network marketing business because she was told that in this business, “the success you create is all yours and yours alone to earn.” If ever she would succeed, it would be up to her, not the quotas dictated to her by corporate America. She was also drawn to the excitement of building a team of others that would want to be on the same journey.

Mary had ventured into network marketing throughout the years trying so many different products. Like many Women over 50,  she found that she was spending more money than she was making. Her twin sister Jean told her that the network marketing business was made for her, she only needed to find the right product. Then along came Thrive by Le-Vel. As a Fabulous over fifty woman, Mary wanted to oversee her own life and financial destiny, Mary found that Le-Vel is enabling her to do just that. She is now enjoying meeting new people and helping them do the same.

After trying Thrive on a trial by a friend in Canada, Mary was immediately hooked on how wonderful she felt. All she wanted to do from that point was share that feeling with others. She wanted everyone to feel the same as she did, FABULOUS. At that time, Mary had so many medical issues. After taking the product and finally feeling so amazing and healthy, she just wanted to tell everyone. So she started sharing Thrive with other Fabulous Women.

From her love of the product she is building a team of like minds. It wasn’t easy at first. She did not start out on the right foot. Coming off a corporate career of goals and quotas, she was attracting the wrong people. She then realized that she had to find people that were as passionate about the product as she was, and then grow from there. Mary says that is the key to any network marketing business. Passion. If you love the product you represent then it is easy to share.

Stepping Out of Corporate America & Thriving!

Mary says, “Since network marketing has such a bad rap from the public eyes, you must learn to not be a typical sales person. You have to be a passionate about your product and want others to feel the same. The most successful people in network marketing make it as easy as possible to share. Le-Vel makes it easy to share Thrive with others. They have a cloud based business, free to join, and easy to replicate success. Plus, an awesome compensation plan that helps everyone earn money right away. So, with no upfront cost a person can earn $800 to $1600 in the first two weeks. Earning right away in network marketing is what keeps people interested. Too many have joined other companies and spent thousands of dollars to get nothing back, which cam makes one lose attention, real quick.“

Mary has been with Thrive by Le-vel for two years. She has reached the rank of 12K a month and has earned a car bonus and lifestyle get-a-way’s, like her recent trip to Dallas and a trip to Toronto this summer. Le-Vel has continued attainable contest and incentives that are also offer additional monies to be made. This year alone so many people have even earned a 200K bonus!

Mary’s advice to anyone looking to succeed in network marketing is to find a product you yourself enjoy and use. Then just share that with others. They will feel your excitement and want to join you. The main thing is, do not sell your future team members, you’ll see them leave as fast as you gained them. Instead look for the customers that love the product and want to get involved, the ones that are passionate about the product. These happy customers will become the best promoters.
If you are interested in a career in network marketing or want to order product, Contact Mary at 708-289-0595 or go to her website at:

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