by: Roberto Sedycias
  Mascara is one of the essential parts of eye makeup usually used after the application of eye shadow and eyeliner. You can apply it on the eyelashes to make them look fuller and more pronounced. Mascara should be applied with a lot of expertise or else all your efforts of looking good will go down the drain. If you are already quite conversant with applying eye makeup, then you can apply it from one end to the other of the eyelashes. If you are only beginning to learn the tricks of the trade, then apply it to only two-thirds of the lashes.
All That You Need To Know:
  There are many things which you should keep in mind before setting out to learn the art of applying mascara.
1 – You should remember never to allow your mascara to become thick. It should always be thin enough to spread evenly on the lashes. This means that you should not use old mascara. You should always keep a comparatively new one with you.
2 – Most women prefer to coat their lashes with 2-3 coatings so that the lashes look more emphasized and lend beauty to the face.
3 – You should be very careful to see that not even a bit of mascara enters the eyes. It is very harmful for the eyes and in case of any problem; you should immediately rinse your eyes thoroughly.
4 – Four months is a very long time for one pack of mascara to last. You should always replace the old pack with a new one every 4 months.
5 – Never use the old pack in case you get hold of any eye disease. The infection will return to your eyes through the wand of the tube.
6 – Because of this fear of spreading the eye infection, mascara should not be shared with anyone either.
7 – Keep a mirror handy while applying it.
8 – More applications in the lashes will make you an expert in the art.
9 – Always remember to wash the makeup before going to bed. It is imperative to wash all the makeup from the face before sleeping.
The Application Procedure:
It is important to learn the correct ways of applying the product so that your eyes look beautiful and highlighted. Let us learn the procedure in steps.
1 – It is advisable to apply mascara with a curved brush. Use this brush to evenly apply mascara on the underside of your upper lashes. Start from the roots and move slowly towards the tips. Wiggle the lashes to keep them separate.
2 – Remove any clumps by closing the eyes, placing the wand at the roots and sweeping through.
3 – After applying the first coat, let dry and apply the next coat. In this way, you can apply 3-4 coats for best effects.
4 – An eyelash comb will help keep the lashes separate. A tissue can also be used to remove the clumps from the lashes.
5 – You must remember to hold the wand parallel to the eyelid while applying mascara to the upper lashes and vertical for the lower lashes.
6 – The amount of mascara used for the lower lashes must be much less. You can repeat the same procedure by starting at the roots and moving downward.
7 – If you find any extra mascara around the eyes, you can remove it with a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover.
Many types and colors of mascara are available in the market. There are many waterproof formulas and also thickening, lengthening, conditioning and long-wearing ones. You might use different products for different times of the day and also for different occasions. The color also adds glamour to your face. Brown shade will suit a blonde skin whereas black can be used for dramatic effect. If you want a funky look, then you can choose green and blue too. Learn how to use mascara effectively and you can look very sophisticated.
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