Mary Ziola-Vega Discovers The Key to Unlock “The Nutritional Gap” With THRIVE

When Mary Ziola-Vega first became acquainted with the phrase, “Nutritional Gap”, it intrigued her. She asked herself that could this “Nutritional Gap” be behind some of the health issues, she has been experiencing? Mary wondered that most of all, as a Woman over 50, with many wonderful, productive years ahead of her, how does she narrow or close these gaps? So, she started to investigate the meaning of this intriguing phrase.

Mary Ziola-Vega started to investigate what is the meaning of this illusive, nutritional gap. She went to search engines, asked friends, nurses, nursing students, a nutritionist and her doctor, to explain what a nutritional gap is. And they all had the same answer, missing nutrients or vitamins in your diet.  If you are a frequent fast food eater, then your nutritional gap will be larger than a person that eats a clean diet.  But they all said the same thing, with today’s foods, it is hard to fill the nutritional gap and fulfill all your body’s nutritional needs. Many people look healthy and fit, but that does not guarantee that a nutritional gap does not exist.  The gap can lead to negative consequences with our health.   You can follow the USDA guidelines perfectly and get closer to your optimum health yet our foods do not offer the daily requirements.   According to the USDA dietary guidelines, they state and encourage Americans to practice the following: balance calories with physical activity to manage weight, consume more of certain foods and nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and seafood, and consume fewer foods with sodium, saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol, added sugars, and refined grains.

Having a nutritional gap in your diet and missing those crucial nutrients can cause negative effects on your body. For Mary, nutritional gaps began after her gastric bypass surgery.  Not being able to eat the right foods due to stomach reduction. She found that she started to develop many medical issues.  Mary began losing hair, her nails became very brittle, and even her teeth falling out or chipping.  She noticed that her skin beginning to look grey and dingy, even seemed almost thicker than usual.  Not being aware of what was happening, not only to the physical aspects of her body but what was happening inside her body as well.  As most of us would, Mary reached out to her physician for tradition medical fixes.  What she found out was that medications were not going to fill in those nutritional gaps for her. What was going to help her fill those gaps were supplements and the diet she chose to consume. Mary began B12 shots weekly and Iron infusions monthly to reach her optimal health. This helped in the short term, but eating healthy was the true key.

Eating healthy is so broad, Mary tried to define what is really being eaten healthy.   After going to different markets and asking questions about the food and their nutrients. She was surprised to find out that many of our foods lose their nutrients after being processed.  For example, Tomatoes are grown in “fake” dirt.  Dirt created by someone that enhances the soil to create large, perfectly red tomatoes, this soil also encourages growth. So the nutrients the plant would get from the soil are not the full nutrients the plant needs to grow naturally, In turn creating sub-par tomatoes. You can tell the difference when you have your own garden, one bite of your home grown tomatoes, rich, juicy and pure is a taste of the past in most markets.  The closest you can get to this is organic or true green gardens, which we all know we pay an increased cost for.  She would have to eat a dozen tomatoes today to get the recommend daily vitamin C.  Now she could eat a dozen tomatoes with no problem, but what about the other nutrients she needed?  Mary would have to eat 24-7 only fruits and vegetables to get near to the daily recommend nutrients.  So she had to find a solution, who has the time to eat 24-7, she had to find a way to get healthy and get all her required nutrients in a 24 hour day.

This past year, at 54, Mary started to find her healthy body. She planned on living the rest of her life as healthy as possible. The foods, she eats, are not giving her the nutrients she needs, so she had to find an alternative. She has found a supplement that finally fills her entire gap.  Mary’s last doctor visit proved her actual success, there was no longer a need for B12 shots or Iron infusions.  She found a supplement that could also fill the magnesium, copper, and potassium that she was missing previously.  Mary is finally closing the illusive nutritional gaps with a simple regime of supplements by Le-Vel, called Thrive. She is now thriving in her body to live a long, healthy, nutritious life. Finally, she understands how to take control of her nutritional gap.


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