(ARA) – Resting, relaxing, recharging – that’s the name of the game when you are on vacation. But how often do you get the chance to explore and experience opportunities to improve your health and wellness?
  Perhaps it’s time to try a different type of vacation – one that can have a lasting effect on your personal well-being. Resorts offering wellness programs are one of the most recent trends in the travel industry that present an opportunity for true renewal during your getaway.
  Active vacations have long been an option for travelers, but the aim of wellness-centered getaways is arming guests with suggestions and ideas that they can take home with them so they can continue to improve their health. For example, a new program at Lake Lanier Islands Resort offers energy-boosting meals and fitness classes, while also conducting educational seminars designed to teach visitors how to build on healthy habits when they get back home. These types of lessons are mixed with more exotic activities often identified with vacations, such as zip-lining.
  “The goal of this unique program is to help educate and motivate as well as set and reach health and wellness goals,” says Virgil Williams, CEO of the Georgia resort.
  Whether you are traveling with a family or with business associates, wellness retreats offer options for everyone. Here are a few examples of how a wellness vacation would work for different types of travelers:
  Families: If you’re traveling as a family, taking a wellness class or two during your time at a resort can be a great way for Mom and Dad to get some quality time together while the kids attend other supervised programs. If you have older children, taking a fitness class or cooking class together can be a great bonding experience.
  Corporate retreats: Corporate wellness retreats can enhance regular business gatherings designed to reinvigorate employees. Since companies can save on health insurance costs when employees are healthier, organizing a trip with a wellness component can be a fun and relevant way to encourage healthy habits. For example, Donna Coules, district operations manager for Rockwell Operations in Georgia, incorporated seminars on wholesome dining choices while traveling and healthy ways to combat stress during a recent business retreat for her employees at Lake Lanier Islands Resort.
  Personal: If you’re looking for a way to relax on your own, wellness retreats offer the chance for self-improvement during your getaway. They also can provide an opportunity to socialize with other guests while enjoying your time away.
  Group trips: Activities offered through wellness centers, like cooking classes and group fitness activities, can provide a great opportunity to bond with friends. By going through the experience together, you can also help each other stay on track with wellness goals when you go home.
  While you may gather the impression that a wellness getaway would interfere with much-needed downtime, most programs allow visitors to opt in to as many sessions as they would like. Therefore, you can still kick back and enjoy your time away.
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