by: Jason Wilkomm
Many people today are in debt, and it is a very common idea to try to make more money somehow to help solve the problem.   The other main strategy people commonly use is to save on expenses (live cheap).  Most people never try the third strategy, and that is to spend time on a regular basis to gain control over their cash flow. This is why most people will remain poor, and why YOU have a chance RIGHT NOW to change the direction of your financial life.
  You will often hear people blame their weight problem on cookies and cakes, or perhaps you have heard someone blame their poor sports performance on faulty equipment. In both cases, the person has decided to look externally for the cause instead of internally. It makes the person feel ok with themselves even though they DO NOTHING to improve their crappy results. The same is true when it comes money. Obviously, the cake is not responsible for the weight gain. A person is either in control or not in control. If you surround person with lots of cakes, it is likely to become more obvious that the person has a control problem when it comes to cakes. The same is true with money. When a person with a money control problem has access to lots of money, it becomes more obvious that the person has a control problem with money.
  On the other hand, time spent at practice will give a tennis player more ability and control using the equipment. A dollar is the equipment used when it comes to personal finance. If you learn how to use this instrument, you can
become wealthy in less than 4 years working at a $7.00 an hour job. If you do not learn how to control this instrument, you may make $100,000 a year and still actually be poor, or you may even win the lottery and yet find yourself poor
just a short time later.
  The person that you are is married closely to your pattern of behavior. To change patterns of behavior, you often need to change who you are at the core. People who do not whole-heartedly want the change will likely fail in this. It is true for the cake eating weight watcher, it is true for the so-so sports player, and it is true for YOU if you invest your time all day paying attention to someone else’s business only to come home and FAIL to spend just one hour a day paying attention to your own financial business.
  Let me leave you on this final thought…do not fail to begin because you do not know where to start. Read or listen to quality audios on the subjects of cash flow management, personal finance, investing, small business, and real estate.  Find books and audios of mentors you would like to learn from. If you are serious about investing an hour every day to become wealthy, you will find that this kind of learning has a way of turning into action after just a couple of months.
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