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What is YOUR What?

Mahatma Gandhi. Mother Teresa. Dr. Martin Luther King. Aside from being three of the most revered and influential people of the past century, they had another thing in common: Each discovered theirWHAT, pursued their WHAT with strategic abandon and … Read More

Fashion & Beauty

Red Chairs Fabulous Living over 50

Fresh Looks for Fall

      SOME DECORATING TIPS TO HELP GIVE YOUR HOME A FRESH NEW LOOK!            I know.  The kids are back in school…summer vacations seem like a distant memory, and you’re finding yourself looking around your home … Read More

Dining & Entertaining

Master Mediterranean Grilling

Master Mediterranean Grilling Give Your Grill a Much-Needed Makeover (Family Features) Abundant plates of fresh vegetables, delicate fish from the nearby sea and splashes of olive oil are all hallmarks of traditional meals found in the … Read More