Live A Life You LOVE
“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
Henry David Thoreau
BY: Julia Skeesick
When it gets right down to it that is what we all want. To wake up with energy and enthusiasm, to enjoy what we are doing and who we spend time with.
However, most folks report they do not really love their lives at all and if small talk is any indicator many of us spend a good deal of time complaining about our lives.
I have come to the conclusion both through my own life and my work with others as a life coach, that if you want to love your life you must be willing to live it. Live it fully and authentically. Live it boldly pursuing what you want to do and being fully who you are. Fill your life with work that is meaningful, people that are important to you and activities
you find fun and fulfilling. The questions is; are we willing to really do it?
   It seems like a basic recipe to live a life full of things and people you enjoy but we all know how difficult this is. What gets in the way of living a life you love?
There are two primary factors.
First, life. Its obligations and routines, its challenges and hardships. Most of us started out as creative and idealistic youths who slowly morphed into responsible adults graduating to middle age mediocrity. Somehow along the way a bit of the fire for life has dimmed, some of the dreams forgotten and a bit of the passion
waned. We have gotten busy with the business of life. Children,
Julia Skeesick,CPC. LifeScape Strategies
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